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A Seaside Serenade


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Sirenia A Seaside Serenade 1
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The Enigma Of Life 2011 Nuclear Blast
Paroles de A Seaside Serenade

I wander lost and lonely by the shoreline of the sea
I think about the way I wanted life to be
The seaside leads me on to the sound of sweeping waves
My heart gets filled with sorrow and grief along the way

There is no hope still left in my eyes
There is no light still left in my life
It has all faded into the night

So many darkened memories still haunt me from the past
I think about all the loved ones I have lost
I know the spring will come with soothing rain some day
But only to be followed by the winters devastating pain


I see you wander lost and lonely by the shoreline of the sea
There's no light, there's no dreams, only the night
And the streams of tears down your cheeks
There's a wind from the past and at last it brought you to your knees
There's no hope, there's no glee, there's no life
Left for thee who wanders by the sea

[Chorus x2]

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