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A history of violence

Ice Cube

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Laugh now, cry later 2006 Lench Mob Records
Paroles de A history of violence
[William Shatner: Host of Rescue 911]
Blacks who ventured across the unmarked border were often attacked
By teenage members of the new gang called The Spook Hunters,
One of a handful of white gangs active in this time.
It was only natural for L.A.'s newest residents to respond in kind.

As white attacks started to increase in the mid 1940's and late 1940's
Blacks started to organize their clubs really as a defensive mechanism.
And the boss men or the business men and the Snyder boys and
All these clubs in south L.A. really were just sort of defending themselves against
White violence that was comin' from Huntington Park and Southgate.

[William Shatner:]
The demise of the black panthers in Los Angeles is said to be another
Blow to a generation of black teenagers that witnessed many of it's role models assasinated throughout the 1960's.

What I'm sayin' in so many words, they should've let the panthers
Went on because there probably would never have been no crips and no bloods.
Du même artiste
What is a pyroclastic flow ?
I got my locs on
It takes a nation
Gangsta rap made me do it

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